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Blood Tides
Mission bloodtide.png
Author Scarecrow
Map Chernarus (Summer)
Gamemode COOP
Type Main Op
Player Count 58 + 2
Latest Version v1.2
Repository None

Like Konami cucked Hideo Kojima from finishing Metal Gear Solid, the limitations of the server cucked me from placing 800 AI units
~ Scarecrow


China wants two things to be spread world wide. Communism and Covid. While Covid is worldwide communism is not and the Chinese intend to rename Chernarus into China. They claim they're legally allowed to invade Chernarus because it's 2/5's the way to becoming China. POTUS just sent us the go VIA tweet and wants us to go there snap necks and cash checks.


  • 2x CH-47 Chinooks
  • 1x F-35B
  • 50x Infantrymen
  • 1x Javelin Team
  • 1x M240B Team
  • 1x 60mm Mortar Team
  • 1x Command Team