Eyes on You

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Eyes on You
Author Justyn23 & Superxpdude
Map Takistan
Gamemode TVT
Type Main Op
Player Count 100
Latest Version 2.0
Repository None

{{#ev:youtube |https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Fe021JWzgM }}


Civilians with different jobs must make it past a manned border. Wacky Shinnanagins ensue...

  • This op uses the fortify tool
  • This op has many params for different options
  • This op has different "maps" to accompany player count


Version 2.0

Added events
Added Healing tents
Added new Checkpoint map
Fixed Pilot slots
Removed weapons and ect from vehicle inventories
New loadscreen image
New Ending images
Removed slow civ vehicles like bikes
Added Scoreboard (a little buggy)
Made the custom params better formatted
Changed the time param to default to Fast Time (previously known as "fucked")
Added new Bluefor prep time script

Version 1.0

  • Initial release