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Over the Top
Mission overthetop.jpg
Author Microwave
Map Virolahti
Gamemode COOP
Type Main Op
Player Count 74 + 2
Latest Version v1
Repository None

Winter War 2.0 but with less snow
~ Loading Screen


With the ongoing global crisis occuring, the international struggle for land and resources continues. Tensions have lead to border disputes along the Finnish-Russian border, which the latter have used as justification for launching an invasion.
Even with the failed invasion of Livonia only a few years prior, the use of further conscription as well as offering penal service to the many criminals and political dissidents in Russia's prison system has allowed Russia to amass an invasion force not seen since the Winter War or the Patriotic War.
Pushing into the region of Virolahti, the Russians plan to advance using the two main roads spreading from the main city of Virojaki to take the rest of the region, allowing them full control of the coast and further invasion routes into the rest of the country.
Despite the odds, however, what remains of the Finnish Army plan a counter-attack to push the invasion forces out of the region.


  • x12 Land Rover 110 {Transport) Woodland
  • x1 Land Rover 110 (Ambulance) Woodland (Respawn Vehicle)
  • x1 Leopard 2A6


Version 1.0

  • Initial Release