Blade of Grass

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Blade of Grass
Mission bladeofgrass.jpg
Author Microwave
Map Prei Khmaoch Luong
Gamemode COOP
Type Main Op
Player Count 47+2
Latest Version v2.0

*Zoomers Go to 'Nam*
~ *Loading Screen*


The country of Vietnam is once again in turmoil. A civil war has erupted between the local government and rebels seeking to join the new Canton Strategic Alliance Treaty. Among the rebels are various paramilitary groups and militia units, as well as deserters from regular military units. They have seemingly taken over the region of Prei Kmaoch Luong as a staging area to assault the rest of the country, and seem to possess advanced military equipment. Due to their precarious situation, the Vietnamese government has hired contractors to go into the region and discover the capabilities of the rebels.


  • x3 UH-60M
  • x1 AH-9 Pawnee


Version 1.0

Initial Release

Version 2

  • Updated radios to TFAR
  • Removed rifleman radios
  • Removed black Viper suits