Left Alongside the Shockwave

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Left Alongside the Shockwave
Author Barbarian
Map Fallujah
Gamemode COOP
Type Main Op
Player Count 68 + 2
Latest Version 1.0
Repository None

"Why do we fight?" "To win the war." "Meh... works for me." .
~ Two Red soldiers on guard, 2 minutes before declared KIA


Sometime in the future, perpetual war has ravaged the world. Ideologies have devolved to a mere color allegiance. Blues, Reds, and Yellows seek to escape the maze-like city, and will kill anyone who stand in their way.

Our position has been overrun by Blue forces, forcing a rout. This is all that we could regroup together over 2 days, and we've given out all the supplies we have. 50 some-odd infantry and 3 AFVs must break out of the pocket, destroying a number of objectives in the area.


  • 1x Command team
  • 5x 10 man infantry squads
  • 1x 5-man MMG Team
  • 2x T-55 MBTs
  • 1x BMP-2 IFV
  • ∞x TMTM Autism

Additional Notes

barb did this also an adequate amount of enemy forces are pre-placed, Zeus is necessary only for additional forces.

"barb da best"
~ SkytechCEO