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Mission tinderbox.png
Author Superxpdude, Ghost of O'Mally, Elynwyn
Map Malden 2035
Gamemode COOP
Type Main Op
Player Count 50
Latest Version 1.0
Repository Dev Hub

Listen up people, we’ve got a priority mission from our contacts at NATO and they’re shelling out some big money for this operation.
~ Mission Briefing


The Phoenix Company PMC has been sent to assist NATO with an invasion of CSAT occupied Malden. They have been tasked with eliminating two key radio towers in the south-east section of Malden, and clearing out the military base and civilian port nearby.

Phoenix Company will have the support of the USS Liberty destroyer which will provide fire support during this mission.


  • 1x USS Liberty
  • 1x MH-60S Knighthawk DAP
  • 8x Prowler (Unarmed)
  • 2x Speedboat Minigun
  • 1x Towing Tractor


Version 1.0

Initial Release